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...when it's time to make a change - part 1

We flew up to New York City a week later. While there, Voldemort remembered that Thomas had moved to Manhattan a few years prior. Neither of us had really spoken to Thomas since before my son was born; but Voldemort had been calling all of the people he knew in the city—needing to constantly surround himself with friends. Thomas agreed to meet us. We saw him the day before the wedding—decorated the reception hall together—and after the wedding—meeting at a bar in midtown. I told him how much I had always wanted to live in New York and write for a living; and he encouraged me to do it. He was working for The New York Times, and said that although he could not guarantee a job, he would try to get me an interview. Thomas offered to let Voldemort, our son, and I stay with him until we got settled.     Tequila drunk, surrounded by friends, and feeling happy while talking to Thomas—I was overcome by that sudden and unmistakable urge to kiss him. I planted my lips on his; and he seemed…

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